We're each on our own journey of calling and learning to minister in the power of the Holy Spirit. Kingdom Insights is a series of interviews designed to help us all learn from those who have going before us.

The idea originally began with the guest speakers that came to speak at the School of Kingdom Ministry. We began to realize how much we learned from interacting with these people on a more personal level - how we learned from their journey and were inspired by their process to continue to press in to our own. We began to see that not only did we learn from their teaching, but their lives began to teach us as well. Kingdom Insights is designed to take the dynamic of learning from another's journey and spread it to many who would never have the opportunity to have personal interaction with our interviewees.


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About the School of Kingdom Ministry, visit the website and see some of the amazing things God is doing with this program around the world.

About Us

Kingdom Insights is produced by the School of Kingdom Ministry. Originally founded in 2011 as a class designed to further those interested in prayer ministry at the Urbana campus of the Vineyard Church of Central Illinois, the class quickly spread to other interested churches and now features locations all over the world and functions as a network providing resources to churches interested in training their members to pursue a naturally supernatural lifestyle.

The School of Kingdom Ministry has a unique training model that equips believers in the context of their local church so they can be empowered for the work of ministry in the spheres of influence they already have. Our three part model combining teaching, activation and practice provides a diversity of experience that results in effective equipping and powerful transformation.