The Interviews

We've completed a number of different interviews with people ranging in many different roles in ministry. Depending on your desires and needs you will probably find different interviews helpful. For more information on each interviewee, click their name on the left column to visit their webpage. To purchase Kingdom Insights interviews, visit our purchase page.

Bob HazlettBob Hazlett is a friend to leaders and a sought-after speaker and author. Strong healing and prophetic gifts follow his ministry. Bob has a passion to empower people in the spiritual gifts in order to fulfill their life purpose. He has traveled extensively throughout the United States and Internationally. Bob lives in Connecticut with his wife Kimberly and two daughters April and Abby.
Brian BlountBrian Blount and his wife, Jeanine, have spent the last fifteen years equipping and training individuals, teams, and churches in healing, prophetic ministry, and power evangelism throughout Europe and the United States. He is a husband and the father of six children, the youngest of three of which are triplets. He is a business owner, has co-authored a book on power evangelism called From the Sanctuary to the Streets, and is co-founder of Coaching Saints.
Darren WilsonDarren Wilson is an independent filmmaker, author, and international speaker as well as the Artist-In-Residence at Judson University. His first trilogy of films Finger of God, Furious Love and Father of Lights have been shown in thousands of churches around the world.
Phil StroutPhil Strout is a gifted leader and communicator in the 21st century church. He brings over thirty-five years of experience in the areas of church planting and cross-cultural missions. For several years, Phil has served in the Vineyard on the board of Vineyard USA, as a Regional Leader, and as the Senior Pastor of Pathway Vineyard Church, a multisite church based in Lewiston, Maine. As the new National Director of Vineyard USA, an association of over 500 churches nationwide, Phil brings his non-hyped, down-to-earth, passionately authentic spirit and vision to leading the Vineyard Movement in its divine assignment.
Randy ClarkRandy Clark, a noted international speaker, was used of God to birth the revival that broke out in Toronto Canada in January 1994 that continued six nights a week for over twelve years. He is best known for the gift on his life for activating and imparting gifts of the Holy Spirit. The focus of his ministry is on the average person in the congregation encouraging them that they too can be used of God in the gifts of the Spirit. His message is simple: “God wants to use you.”
Robby DawkinsRobby Dawkins has a major worldwide ministry in evangelism. His ministry is built on the foundations of Luke 4:18-20 - setting the captives free, healing the sick, helping the poor, etc. He has spoke throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, and the United States. Robby believes the wonderful good news of Jesus Christ is to be demonstrated with God's great power.
Todd WhiteTodd White was a drug addict and atheist for 22 years when in 2004 he was radically set free! Redemption and righteousness are the foundation and the keys to the new creation reality that we are to live in and from. God has simply opened Todd's eyes to this truth and that Holy Spirit wants to flow through every believer everywhere we go, at work, school, grocery stories, malls, gas stations, everywhere. His true joy is being able to reproduce in people the simplicity of this reality, in a 24/7 kingdom lifestyle! This is for every believer! No one is excluded!